Definition of Ready



The “definition of ready” provides clarity to a team and product owner on what it means making it ready for the development while working on the backlog items

What criteria is included in a definition of ready? The list varies but potential items that forms part of Readiness are.

Not that this criteria should be met 100% before the sprint planning, however it is a good idea to consider that these aspects are thought through and pointers available to the development team helping them reduce the “wait time”, knowing whom to go, for what, more or so. Still there could be assumptions or the unknowns which will impact but it will be limited through.

Criteria is of product or organization specific, however few examples that can be part of criteria are :

  • Meets the INVEST criteria
  • Owned by the PO, who will accept the story
  • Has a defined user
  • Architecture / Design are complete and approved by Architecture Governance
  • User journeys that provide context is available
  • Screen mockups available
  • Business rules available
  • Database design is complete
  • Acceptance Criteria and the scenarios documented with examples
  • Test cases are documented
  • Test cases for the automation identified
  • NFRs are defined and all known inputs identified, needed for the NFRs
  • Performance Criteria identified
  • Interfaces identified
  • All stakeholders have provided the estimates in terms of size, complexity and the effort
  • No hidden work
  • Dependent stories or Hierarchy is identified
  • Known, unknowns are documented.
  • Assumptions are available
  • Risks associated available
  • This has been through the backlog grooming and understanding by the stakeholders is consistent

A Definition of Ready enables a team to specify certain pre-conditions that must be fulfilled before a story is allowed into an iteration. The goal is to prevent problems before they have a chance to start.

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