Dip test for “agile practices”​

Try answering these questions “Yes OR No”. Questions are not necessarily in the order of priority.

  • Do you struggle to trace multiple releases across the delivery pipeline from production to staging across multiple environments, multiple applications?
  • Assume your code is perfect and test is not required. Do you take time to prepare, to push your code to production immediately you just checked in?
  • As a tester are you not able to feedback to developer on the build in coffee break duration to the developer?
  • Do you need approvals from change governance scheduled weekly (minimum)?
  • Do you appreciate and encourage heroes in the team?
  • Does your company do extensive baseline analysis across the projects for bench-marking the performance, the effort, defect and schedule data?
  • Do you need approvals (OR need FYI communication to the Manager) from the Manager for the decisions (any) before you implement them?
  • Does anyone in team says, deliver this first and then let’s discuss about your suggestion how to make it better later?
  • Does your Sr Management (or CEO) struggles to negotiate the contract based on agile principles?
  • Changing architecture or the design need thorough impact analysis and needs approvals as design change quiet often is not advisable?

If the answer is “NO”, then chances of you being on the RIGHT track (in agile adoption) is HIGHER.

What is your question for dip test. What would you check for ?

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