Case Study: Application of Lean in recruitment process increasing recruitment agility

This is abstract of the case where Lean methods applied to simplify the recruitment process resulting in hiring cycle time improvement by 75%, reduce the reneges by 98% , reduce the profile rejection by 82% through collaborative approach and eliminating wastes and increased knowledge of vendors


95 consultants working on 560+ unique JDs across 28 skill pools

  • Lack of ownership and prioritization
  • Lack of technical knowledge for sourcing of resumes
  • High hiring cycle time not able to meet business demands impacting loss of revenue
  • >80% rejection of profiles by Projects
  • Impact to business/ revenue due to delayed hiring , especially for attrition
  • >40% reneges across channels and especially in niche area

Lean Application

Value stream mapping to improve end to end process flow , icreate pull mechanism by shared and collaborative approach, increase value by removing wastes , improving takt time, simplified process, improve perfection by increased awareness and vendor knowledge enhancement

  • Shared ownership and collaborative approach between recruitment and project managers
  • Encourage employee referrals and engage the associated employees in hiring process
  • Value Stream mapping to eliminate redundant steps
  • Exhaust the less expensive channels before the consultant channel
  • Capability building of the recruitment  and the vendors
  • More robust Offer process by pre offer checks and introduction of new process JIT offers
  • Simplified on-boarding process and agree with business for starting billing earlier than existing
  • Revival of contracts & formal induction to new vendors
  • Establish relationship with Candidate post offering by Manager
  • Competency and capability focused streamlined hiring and tracking as project based, BAU skill based, Niche skill based
hr case study 1

Key improvements

hr case study 2
  • Shared Ownership between recruitment and project teams resulting improved hiring quality
  • Faster / effective feedback : Sourcing quality profiles with right and faster feedback to vendors
  • Delivery of strong performance of capability development in niche areas of deployment, automation, COTS
  • Improved hiring cycle time and faster fill-in of open positions especially for attrition positions
  • Phenomenal improvement in on-boarding cycle time given the hiring numbers, timelines and the market conditions
  • 75% Improvement in reneges
  • Improved Employee Satisfaction and Decreased attrition due to employee engagement / rewards during hiring

Thank You.

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