Scope changes in iteration ?

This is one question that is asked often on how to manage the change that comes up with in iteration duration. The very reason delivery is split in iterations is to manage the change effectively, but change within iteration is something should be avoided. However in cases where is cannot be ignored, hope the following explanation helps in managing the change.

Assume a story ‘A’ has been tasked and development is half way through. What could be a change now ? Within this iteration, there can be change of two types –

  1. Change to the story ‘A’. This could be by adding more details or changing the existing story content significantly
  2. Replace the story ‘A’ with story ‘B’. This could be for various reasons, Some change in regulation and B takes the priority OR A is no more required.


Type 1: Send the story ‘A’ back to backlog for refinement and prioritisation. This means it is not more in scope for the active sprint. If this is really an important one and cannot be ignored, adandon the current sprint and complete the story refinement and re-start the new iteration.

Type 2: Going by the rules of the game, XP you can select an alternate story in place of the existing one. PO has a choice to make this decision based on business requirements.  In SCRUM any change is absolute No-No. If it is so important, stop the sprint, re-prioritise and start a new sprint with new scope.

Change out side iteration : There is one more which is Contractual Change. This one has to be done taking all stakeholders in confidence and may have to follow the standard change management process.

Is there any type of change is expected beyond the two categories explained above  ?




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