Metrics reports ?

I was determined to get my health back in state. I hated to say ‘not in my control’. Doctor had warned me enough during check-ups and not become victim of‘sudden’ cardiac arrest, one day. I was forced rather, to stay alive to measure BP at defined intervals regularly. Except once a while for feel good satisfaction  there was no need to check metrics from jogging, gym, dieting or party. But I was consistent on that one critical measure and taking immediate action for any slight exception. What baffles today I have even calibrated my habits which I thought ‘cannot’.

These thoughts came to my mind while I was looking yesterday in the board meeting at customer complaints (due to delivery failures) from multiple customers. Multiple reasons were attributed to complaints. My concern was despite tracking effort, schedule, defect, productivity, lead, lag and many other ‘n’ metrics, how did this ‘sudden’ complaints and ‘sudden’ issues?


Looking back habitually we were glued to see this lengthy report with full of metrics with fancy titles. Everyone knows ideal state for each of the metric.  But question is how to get collective insight out of all these metrics together.  That many unique insights as many analysts! And no action because of confusion or lack of confidence in insights.

“Don’t these have support and resistant levels just like in the investment trend graphs?” Maybe too much to expect..

Fun is after tenuous and tiresome effort on follow-ups, collating, formatting and presenting to the management, reporting team is challenged on the data quality. Despite so many metrics we were finding it difficult to find improvement areas. More effort on formatting the PPT by analysts than getting insights validated. Waste of waste! This was like compound interest for the loss.

This one was a tough learning.  Once in home and now in office.

I do not need any more stand-up reports/metrics, daily reports/metrics, weekly reports/metrics, monthly reports/metrics, governance reports/metrics and for that matter any report or any metric. Need just those business critical metrics, minimum to stay alive in business. Now I am working on identifying them and change it needs in processes for real time tracking. Any suggestions?


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