I wish I knew these 10 things before organizing my scrum teams

Communication, feedback and collaboration are key consideration in forming the scrum team organization. Influencers that are vital in forming the teams are:

  1. Communication behavior: Reduce communication barriers/ channels within scrum team members. Establish a process for continuous communication between distributed POs and distributed Scrum teams
  2. Distributed teams: Systems should enable real time information sharing between teams
  3. Independent testing needs: Keep this minimal. Independent V&V should be encouraged only for those scenarios which cannot be tested by independent teams. Can be automated.
  4. Operations team structure: Establish seamless ways of working between operations team and scrum teams enabling continuous integration, testing and deployments
  5. Development approach: Approach (Component driven, feature driven, etc.) influences the scrum team composition at large
  6. Dependency management: Level of coupling between impacted teams (V&V, development, architects and product owners and operations) influences the team composition and the team deliverable.
  7. Decision flow and feedback flow among scrum teams: One possible way is though scrum of scrums.
  8. Empowered scrum teams: Scrum teams should be empowered within the scrum team. Management involvement can be high before planning and during grooming for budgetary allocations and infrastructure setup and not with in the sprints
  9. Requirement flow strategy: Transition flow of stories from ideation to go-live.
  10. Business structure: These being the end value receivables along with requirement flow strategy influences team composition

What factors influenced your scrum team composition? Please share.

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