My Agile Wall

The agile wall –  place where daily standup happens and team reviews the story board for progress and makes changes. The agile wall reflects the current status, scope of the sprint and progress(live). Apart from story board, what else can be there in the wall ? There are many ways in making agile wall interactive, live and interesting. Below given are few ways (which is an outcome from my agile consultancy and experience)

  1. Scrum Goal: Goal of the active sprint (Start of sprint)
  2. Definition of done of the scrum team: Most often this is confused with standards. This is one major reason to educate team on ‘Definition of Done’. Displaying on agile wall severs this purpose. This ensures all stories delivered fulfill DOD (Start of sprint).
  3. I like ../ This inspires me: Creates the conductive environment for team to work collaboratively. One happy team photo surely acts as a motivation charger and acts a calibrator in creating right work environment. Individual emotions on board builds confidence and respect for each other (Anytime).
  4. Wastage snake: Brings awareness on wastage and helps in put in controls to bring down the wastage (Daily update).
  5. Team Alert board or Help Board (Impediments): Helps in faster resolution of the impediments. Entire problem statement need not be written. Even one word is enough as long as team understands the impediment so that they can help you (Daily update).
  6. Build status and deployment health: Feedback loop and alert to developers to fix the issues, if any, ASAP (Daily update).
  7. Burndown with projection date of closure: Indicator to the management on achieving what was agreed at beginning of the sprint. Helps in catch-up on lag and/or re-negotiate on the scope with PO, if required (Daily update).
  8. Finally very important the sprint cadence and story board (Daily update)

If agile management tools are used, point 7 and 8 can be displayed on a large screen. All discussions and meetings if happen near the agile wall you see value and maturity of the team for agile adoption improves. Agile wall should be in vicinity of the team and visible all the time to them. This also helps in binding the team together enabling more collaborative development,  brings in transparency, and reminds the team agile values/ principles and keeping the team in high spirit. Remember this is just an example. No matter what’s on agile board ensure ‘it is simple’. Good read on visual management for agile teams.

What is on your agile/ scrum wall ?


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