Where do I start measuring S/W development Agility of my team ?

How do I know my team has adopted Agile?

Agile took birth with the underlining 4 values in the manifesto and 13 principles. These are implemented by the project teams by a set of practices.  Scaled Agile provides a framework to implement enterprise-wide agile. Most of us practicing agile have probably memorized these 4 guiding values – but it’s always good to periodically come back to them and reflect on what they mean to us today:

– Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
– Working software over comprehensive documentation
– Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
– Responding to change over following a plan

Supplementing the manifesto, the twelve principles further describe what it means to be agile. Behavior is governed by the values we believe in followed by the principles we follow. So is for agile teams. Agile values and agile principles set the base to adhere to agile ways of working.

So how do we know the team is agile?

  1. It’s all about how much the team lives the agile values by exhibiting the agile principles. This is not about, did I follow the template in writing a story. Nevertheless, this is important but more important is about the team’s contribution, the team’s commitment to delivering the value to the customer
  2. Does the organization environment conducive enough for the team to practice agile
  3. Does the spirit of agile seen in the organizational policies promoting agile be in the DNA of the people
  4. Last, how good are my agile practices and agile knowledge

These four things let us know teams are truly agile or fragile. Team or management resilience towards agile anti-patterns is something to watch out for. This adds to the success of the team.

A scaled agile framework for team, program, and portfolio is a good way to look at it. The first step is to start understanding ROI and capturing it for each of the backlogs.





Details on the approach and metrics will continue to add it here. Any feedback on measuring agile please let me know.

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