DevOps is not Working..

Often this is said that DevOps is not helping or working in my organization. Not to mention reason, following scenarios is very much against the principles of DevOps.

DevOps will not work in following scenarios

  • is not for teams who have one off release for the product AND the lifecycle spans around only approx 3 months -one time release
  • is not for teams who still wants to keep the teams (infrastructure, architecture, design, coding, build, etc.) isolated and expect them to talk only in change board meetings (DevOps expects removing barriers between the silo teams by having representatives from all impacted teams interface together and get project engine running)
  • is not for the team who hates test automation keeping manual testing active (focus of DevOps is to reduce the time for release by automation though)
  • is not for the teams who wants to have the integration of the modules ONLY at the end of the project (daily check in and build should be done daily at a pre-defined frequency and not at end of the project. Very intent of DevOps is to get development and operations team work together and integration should be a business as usual event)
  • is not for the teams who wants to log every defects and get them in defect triage meetings (Faster feedback loop is key in agile and in DevOps also)

For a repeat delivery pipeline, DevOps may requires automation of testing, build, environments, etc. So unless your backlog is large enough that automation benefits can be reaped there is no point in implementing pipeline automations.

Please let me know if any other scenario where DevOps has failed.

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